Lola’s Roasted Veggie Salad

Lola’s Roasted Veggie Salad a perfect Side dish to a BBQ.

Homemade By: Lola Rimmer


  • 1 Head of Fresh Cauliflower
  • 1 Cup of Cherry Tomatoes
  • 1 Cup of Sugar Snap Peas
  • 1 Carrot Sliced
  • 1 Cup of Italian Dressing


  1. Remove and cut flower ends off the stocks from Cauliflower and place in a large skillet
  2. Roast over stove until Tender or place in a smoker for about ½ hour.
  3. Remove from Skillet or Smoker and place in a large bowl.
  4. Take the Cherry Tomatoes and cut in half and add to bowl.
  5. Rinse of the Sugar Snap Peas a cut in half add to the bowl.
  6. Grade the Carrot and slice into ¼” Slices and add to the bowl.
  7. Mix in Italian Dressing with Veggies.
  8. Refrigerate for 30 mins before Serving.

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