cropped-feb.jpgHello! I’m Siam Rimmer, also known as Big Mamma Grizz.  How did I get that nickname?  I am from a large family of 9; 7 children with me being child #3. We are a large Irish family from Anaconda Montana.  My father was a truck driver and his job took us wherever his company sent him.  I grew up in a number of places in the great North West.  However, the last few years of my childhood was spent in a very small town of 60 people in Agate Colorado.  After graduating I knew it was time for me to start my adventure.  And where did I decide to start that adventure?  In the great land of fame, fortune, glitter, and glitz; Los Angeles, California!

Back when I was a young Chick in Anaconda Montana. I can remember not a day would go by where I would see my Family go outside and gather all the daily food groups from the garden. The eggs, fresh dairy, picking wild berries, fishing or hunt for meat in the mountains near bye. I still can smell the Lemon Cookies my Great Grandmother Cutler would make us chicks. Her Rhubarb Pie would chill in the window.  My Grandfather Stanley preparing the Holiday dinner or making his Elk Stew with turnips and potatoes. Watching my Grandma roll out the pastry dough for the pasties.  I remember all the fly fishing trips on Sundays.  I would go with my father and as I watched him scoop them out of the near bye creeks. He would ask me if we had enough for each plate. The rest would be caught another great day.

Growing up in small towns did not afford me the opportunity to experience anything outside of what small towns can provide.  And growing up in such a large family with only one parent working meant that money was tight, which didn’t allow for extra money to be used for fun”.  Our vacations consisted of camping, fishing, visiting places that didn’t require money to get into.  We didn’t go to Disneyland, cruises, spas, etc.  We didn’t go to the big city, to indoor movie theaters.  So, imagine my surprise and shock when I arrived in Los Angeles, California.  So many people, so many different things, so much that required lots and lots of money.  To say I was out of my element was putting it mildly.  But you know what?  I hadn’t been to turn the other cheek when the going got tough.  Oh no!  Instead, I saw this new place, this new world as I would put it, as a challenge, one that I would relish in conquering, in making it my own.  No long was I that little bear cub who had grown up isolated, with only my parents and siblings to guide me.  Now, I was a young female bear, ready to take on whatever life had to offer me.  It was time for me to ROAR, to make my presence known.

24 years later, this young female bear, as I liked to think of myself in those early days, has matured, has grown. I married a city man and had two beautiful girls with him.  And while I shook off that country girl persona, deep down inside me, that Country girl was calling to be heard.  That young female bear that I liked to call myself had finally grown into a mature Mama Grizz.  And Mama Grizz wanted to be let out.  So I began to create wonderful dishes from my youth.  Dishes that made me think of home, of family, of life in the country.  These dishes I created and shared with my family and friends.  When someone would ask me if I wanted a go get a piece of Lemon pie, I would tell them, “Come back tomorrow and you can have a piece of pie and a cup of tea with Big Mamma Grizz.

We live in a world where time goes by so fast.  Technology has made life easier for everyone.  At the same time, it has made things more expensive, to the point that we must work all the time to afford a comfortable living.  There is no time to fix a meal and sit down at the table as a family and discuss the day’s events.  Instead, the question is asked, where shall we go to eat tonight?  What can we have delivered for dinner?

I want to change that thinking, that mentality.  Family is everything.  Family is what we need to get back to.  So why not do that over a nice meal, a special treat?  Why not get together and create dishes, old and new, as a family.  I, Mamma Grizz, wants to keep my memories of old recipes, my new creations for all types of Holidays, special events, to our daily meals such as breakfast, dinner’s supper’s, and pass them down to my girls. I want my girls to learn, to create, to remember where they came from, and sometimes, that starts with pulling out an old recipe and creating it.

And so, now you know.  This is what brought Rimmer’s Red Barn to life.  The idea that recipes that I grew up with will be carried on through my girls and to generations to come. These are memories that will last forever, my dream is to bring my dishes to your table at Rimmer’ Red Barn.  Yes, I do see my new family restaurant down the road.  What do I want to do more than anything, share these great dishes with your family?  Give you a moment to find the laughter, and share the joys with your family over a Chicken Fried Chicken Dinner with warm buttermilk biscuits.

And who know, maybe you can try my recipe or a story you want to share; to ensure that it too doesn’t get lost in the mix that is our lives.

“If you leave my table hungry it’s your own fault.”  Love & Enjoy! Siam Rimmer

“Everyone has a Grizz inside them you just have to wake up.” Big Mamma Grizz

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